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  4 months ago

...How They Take People for a Joke...

We are all we aware of the crisis of plastic within many countries and the destruction it proclaims to be doing to the environment as per what news media reports suggest:
There latest proposal is to sell 1L of water not in plastic containers but box containers. So tell me something, how does one make a box waterproof without the use of some form of plastic either layered on the inside of the carton or manufactured within the molecules of the materials.
A plan to sell this water at an astronomical fee in hope it would discourage people.

If it manages to sell here at such a ridiculous amount, that better be some very special water. Put it this way, if they truly considered the environment, and as they say, 'want to preserve the environment while they still can', and if the environment was truly in such a great threat as what they are making it out to be; believe you me, they sure as hell wouldn't be turning this into a business strategy. This to me, looks like yet another 'cause and effect" - where they have created the so called issue across the world, got many into thinking this route will certainly help matters based on there current crisis prediction and therefore created, but regrettably only the people at the top profit from this, simply because it has been turned into a profit marketing business tool and thus in response has ultimately been turned from a so called "cleaning the environment to a business trade". Trust me, if they truly wanted and needed to make that rather vast and much needed improvement to the economy as they proclaim, they would certainly find a way to do this without leaching from the economy.


  3 months ago
You do have a point regarding the waterproof box. Another option would be glass. I still believe that plastic is not the problem but the people using the plastic. Unfortunately with the number of people using plastic we do have a major problem.


  4 months ago
Its about making money not preserving the environment


  4 months ago
this is ludicrous.


  4 months ago
i find the idea of buying bottled (or contained) water ridiculous. i am not sure of the quality of water in south africa now, but back in the day when we were a first world country our water was considered in the top 5 of cleanest tap water in the world. so i grew up in a country where water was cheap and clean, from the tap. even now, i still will not buy water, it comes from a tap. boil it if you must.


  4 months ago
About the box being waterproof, you got a point there. There is no way that some plastic material was not used to make it waterproof.We are being taken for a ride.

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