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They say that the people who can hurt us the most are those who are closest to our hearts.. Why do you think is that so?

Well perhaps because we've gotten so comfortable with them We have no inhibitions in speaking what's inside our hearts and minds, to the point that we become insensitive.., We sometimes do not put into consideration what we say affects them in the process as our words runs with our mouths and hit hard their feelings..

This calls me back at that time when I had tampo with someone to whom I am very close on here...

I am the type of person who is really vocal of showing my affection to people closest to me may there be anyone watching or not. I mean, there's nothing wrong with that.. It's as if being sweet is taboo.. But he seemed afraid that we would be teased! Personally? I don't really give a D if anyone would tease us as we are both single! But he said something that honestly made me tampo..

For some days we barely talked if at all.. But in fairness to the fella he's sensitive enough to notice and so caring to make suyo.. He really tried sweetly making amends.. Di ko din naman siya matitiis.. As he can see no one teases us much naman..

If we really sincerely want to make amends with someone, all we've really got to do is to let go of our pride, learn to compromise and meet each other halfway... :)♡


  8 months ago
Never heard of this song.. but I am liking it .. Thanks for sharing


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
Treat her/him what he/she usually likes


  8 months ago
Set aside pride and compromise. Make extra efforts to show that you are sorry and sincere in fixing things up.


  8 months ago
You're right. Meeting halfway and take aside pride. It also happened to me when I joked my best friend thinking it as fun but my friend dislike it and leave me. He never talked to me even we were in the same boarding house. At first, I was mad and even confronted him and say "para kang bata, para yun lang", but still he did not say anything as I was invincible. I do not want him to be angry with me because he was my best friend, so one night, after meal, I approach him and hugged him tight and said "Sorry". He laughed and said, 'batukan kita jan", I know, we're friends again.


  8 months ago
on bended knee

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