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  1 month ago

Road Trip Tuesday ~ Maryland

Welcome to another fun and safe road trip, courtesy "CIA Factbook" 2013-2014.

Today we will be visiting Annapolis, the capital of Maryland - abbreviated MD. As we set out at 10:37 a.m., it is 61 degrees and we are experiencing scattered showers, so please bring a jacket and umbrella. It will, however, be a high of 73 degrees today.

Also known as "the old line state", Maryland was named in honor of Queen Henrietta Maria, who granted the right to start an English colony there.

The state boasts 12,407 square miles and is home to 5,928,814 residents. They became the 7th state on April 28, 1788 and adopted the motto: "Strong Deeds, Gentle Words".

Maryland's state tree is the White Oak and the lovely Black-Eyed Susan is their state flower. The Baltimore Oriole is their state bird.

On the radio is "Maryland,My Maryland" by James R. Randall.

A fun and personal fact: a mama Oriole made her nest on my window ledge. It was such a beautiful miracle to witness. Through the pane, I saw her place the first straw for her nest and I was actually outside when her babies took flight.

Has a bird ever built a nest on your window ledge? I'd be interested in knowing if this is a common occurrence.

Thank you for taking this trip with me. I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again next week!

Please stay healthy & safe!

God bless you!


  1 month ago
No bird has ever built a nest on my window ledge...I have been to Maryland before with Mark - it was a nice vacation.. Reply


  1 month ago
I've heard that song Maryland, My Maryland many times while watching the Preakness Stakes on TV but sadly that race had to be postponed this year. Was nice learning some interesting tidbits about the state as well. Thank you as always for sharing! Reply


  1 month ago
Wow, so cool! Thanks for sharing. I went to Maryland last year for a wedding and didn't get to explore everything. I did go by the Orioles stadium, but I had no idea that their state bird is an Oriole. Reply


  1 month ago
Thank for the interesting facts about Maryland. I have never been to Maryland and know nothing about that state. No, I have never had a bird build a nest on my window ledge but I sure wouldn't mind if that happened! Reply


  1 month ago
Thank you Chele.
If we can find good takeout I'll treat you to some Maryland crab cakes.
And no, I've never had a birds nest.


  1 month ago
Yep---a beautiful place. Reply


  1 month ago
That was fun! Reply

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