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  1 month ago

A shocking case of a sec sch boy who was brutally killed by another student from River Valley High has shocked that nation.
What do you think?

The shocking case of a sec sch boy who suddenly attacked another boy with an axe, and afterwhich just cleansed himself from a nearby fountain from the blood stains, muttering he has just killed someone. Something familiar from those horror teen movies 'Friday the 13th'.

Cases of students killing another or killing teachers were common in western countries as they were allowed to use rifles. Students there too were more open and violent.

Never would anyone think such incident would reach our shores all too soon. Has Covid caused mental illness in a way? Or a case of bad parental upbringing and neglect?

Anyhow, for those with kids, do what is necessary as parents. Do not just bring them into the world, and cant be bothered with them. And only emphasizing on good grades so that they can be top earners next time. Character moulding, values and what nots should be passed onto them when one is young. Else better off be childless if one cant afford to have the mothers to stay home and nurture their kids.

We do not need any useless citizens but mature, useful citizens in society.


  1 month ago
Sad case Reply


  1 month ago
Sad Reply


  1 month ago
I think what matters to the school now is to lock the toilet to prevent anyone from entering again. The grieving soul of this 13 years old boy will be in it for as long as the school is still around. But still personally i feel a 13 year old life is just lost like that and i really feel very sorry for the parents. A boy with a bright future ahead of him... Singapore education system is very stressful now as compared to our time in the 80s and 90s. Really pity these kids nowadays.. Reply


  1 month ago
Influence by media Reply


  1 month ago
The world is changing. Nobody would have imagine such a tragedy would happen inside a secondary school in Singapore. Is life imprisonment the remedy to such a sad story not repeating itself. Does anyone agree dramas and violent games that everybody get easy online access are the influence to such an act? Reply


  1 month ago
It is definitely very shocking. I never would have imagined such a brutal murder could happened in our school. This is a wake up call. Reply

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