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Hi. Bill. I got your new ones and properly too. So you are slacking off today and you have some Chicken Lasagna awaits you. lol I have never tried Chicken Lasagna. It is very sad that liberal democrats doesn't even care about the violence and Nadler calling what is happening in Portland is a "myth". Back then when Nixon was in democrats and republicans worked together. They weren't mental cases like the ones today. They already election for the mayor in Louisville and he won. Also I saw where the people in Seattle are against defunding the police department because they want the protection from thugs and criminals. The Democrats doesn't like that at all. No matter where you live people expect to be protected at all times unless you are a stupid liberal democrat. I am getting in my brainwashing. lol Take care and have a good day. 58 minutes ago


Created a new thumb it: How about some Socialism distancing to help... 3 hours ago


Hi Bill. The tropical storm turned into a hurricane again before it landed just north of my uncles' homes on the beachfront. They both had flooding in the streets but I haven't heard that they had any damage to their homes. I had thought its power would decrease as it went inland and was saddened to hear of its destruction and deaths in one NC county and again in the NE. It's always amazing to see how beautiful and clear the sky is after a hurricane knowing the devastation it left in its path just the day before. It will be slightly cooler here this week although still in the 90's. Hope you have a great day ahead. Are you through with the OT? Take care and God bless! 3 hours ago


Hi, Bill! So sorry for the "above 7". Please let me know about the Chicken Lasagna, I love to try new recipes. I hope you enjoyed it! Please stay healthy AND safe! (Amazing! I didn't do it this time! lol) Have a blessed day, my friend! 5 hours ago


Hi Bill, you aren't working too hard, are you?. Yesterday we had the hurricane come through with high winds and rain that flooded areas, took down trees, etc, and on top of that, tornado warnings! It was crazy, yet we are all okay and our only damage was a yard full of dropped branches and twigs. Thank you God! Trusting you are staying safe and well. Sweet dreams☺ ~Blessings! 13 hours ago


Voted on the poll: Are you interested in History??? 21 hours ago


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